#projectLIFE weeks 30 and 34

The goal from this point on is to do the most current week, plus a week of catch-up. Here’s last week:

Here’s a catch-up week, which was pretty uneventful, so I only created one page. That’s okay — the couple of weeks before this one were quite eventful, so it will all balance out nicely in the end.


#projectLIFE week 33

At least trying to stay current while I go back and attempt to catch up. Here’s this week’s layout, created with the Kraft edition of digital Project Life from Becky Higgins.


#projectLIFE Week 31

Very simple this time around…just getting those pictures and memories in my book at this point.


#projectlife so far behind…

I’m something like 14 weeks behind on my Project Life. I’ve been taking notes, but this summer just really slipped away from me. I jumped back into it and finished up last week. Nothing special — just quick and easy, which is the only way I’m going to be able to get caught up again. But that’s okay. Done is better than perfect — and much better than not done at all. :)

Here’s a look at Week 32.  Back to school with a junior and a 6th grader!


#projectLIFE insert

Usually my inserts are only one 12x12 page, but in this case, I had a really full weekend that I needed to scrap so I went with two pages. Everything you see here comes from a Pixels & Co. collab called The Good Life. The colors were a perfect match for these soccer pics, and the cards are versatile enough that I was able to mix and match bits and pieces of them to create everything I needed for this spread.


#projectLIFE weeks 15 and 16 (plus an insert)

Playing catch-up again. The last month of work was insane, but I’ve finally carved out some time to make some serious progress on this album. Not sure how detailed I’ll make them, but we’ll see…

Here’s week 15.

Here’s week 16.

Here’s an insert from our trip to the zoo that we took over Spring Break (this will go in week 14).


Project Life Weeks 13 and 14

Week 13: my first week created with the Digital Project Life Honey edition — LOVE these colors and patterns. Bright, cheerful, bold. So fun to work with. Still doing a lot of scanning and digital manipulation. For example, on the card about Cami’s recitation of the Preamble, I created a Wordle of the text and then clipped it to the speech bubble card. Creates a fun graphic that I think looks better than just the text written out. For Cassidy’s art show, I scanned her certificate and used it for the text instead of writing something myself.

Week 14: This week was a little more basic. Less embellishing, and what was used was just placed directly on top of my photos.


Project Life Week 12 and an insert

Playing catch-up right now. I’ve got everything sketched out with my notes sheets, so that helps when I get behind. I’m also enjoying some great new kits, like the Kraft and Honey editions from AC Digitals. Here’s a look at Week 12.

Our weekends for the next month or so are going to all look the same, so one of my big goals in the upcoming month will be trying to find ways to make soccer tournaments all look different… I started with our first one on this week’s insert. I used half a page for Cami’s tournament and half a page for Cassidy’s trip to State Governor’s Cup.


#projectlife weeks 10 and 11

I got a little bit behind but I’m slowly catching up. Weeks 10 and 11 here. Just 3 weeks and an insert to finish up over the next couple of days to be back on track. Still loving this project and putting all these bits and pieces together.

I always seem to get to a point in the middle of creating these layouts, when I’ve got my photos in place along with my basic journaling and filler cards, but I still haven’t added all the little accents and embellishments. That’s usually the point where I get really frustrated and hate what I’ve put together so far. I usually just have to tell myself — Done is better than perfect — and then move on. And then suddenly, once I’ve added a label here, some word art there, a few more embellishments here — that’s when it all comes together and I’m back in love with it.


#projectlife week 9

…and that brings me up to date on this project. Feels good to get back on track.


#projectlife week 8

Still loving this project. Grabbing some physical items and scanning them in this week, like a note from one of Cassidy’s teachers. Also heading to the internet to find logos, ads, and other digital memorabilia to help flesh out these pages.

One of the things I’ve changed is my date card. I wanted to do some inserts (Valentine’s Day, Hoover Dam, etc) but adding an extra page into a digitally printed book is not easy. It throws off the pairing of the weeks unless your insert has a front and back, which mine didn’t. So to solve that issue I decided that I’d do a large card to kick off the start of each month, but the weeks within each month would be marked by smaller date cards and more emphasis on keeping up with dates on individual cards when needed. That way,  it doesn’t really matter if my weekly spreads are together, because the larger date cards set the “month” and I can just have however many pages I need. That’s also useful when we have weeks where we just don’t generate two whole pages worth of “stuff.” It’s a simple solution that just required me to approach the project from a different perspective — always a good thing.


#projectlife Week 7

I’ve had these pages half-finished and sitting on my desktop for a couple of weeks now. One of the things I’ve been trying to do is drop my photos in just as soon as the week is finished — or even while the week is still on-going. It helps me get started and gives me a good idea of what kind of fillers I’ll need for the week — sometimes I need search out more “stuff” and sometimes I have to make some major decisions about just which photos to include. I’ve included a Valentine’s Day page as well, which will just be an insert — I’ll talk more about my inserts in my next post.


Book Recommendations: Fairy Tales and Auto-Buy Authors

Today is Tell a Fairytale Day. I originally had planned to create a great list of fairytale novels that I LOVE, but then I discovered that The Hub had pretty much written my post for me already. So just go read their post and then check out those books — I back them all wholeheartedly (except the Sheri Tepper novel, I didn’t care much for it). Tam Lin and Jack of Kinrowan are two of my TOP 10 favorite novels of all time.

In the meantime, Epic Reads posted their Tuesday Top 10 topic over on their Facebook page, and I really liked the topic so I thought I’d use that for a quick post today. 

They wanted to know whose books you automatically buy when they are released, without any research, reviews, or reservation. Here’s my Top 10 (in no particular order):

1. Maggie Stiefvater

2. Neil Gaiman

3. Tim Powers

4. Johnathan Carroll

5. Charles de Lint

6. Patricia A McKillip

7. John Green

8. Melina Marchetta

9. Libba Bray

10. Cathrynne M. Valente

So now’s your time to share? Who are some of  your “auto-buy” authors?


Project Life: caught up

So I’m finally caught up with my Project Life spreads. I don’t think I even got started until the last week of January or so. It feels nice to have those early weeks completed though — I kept worrying that I would forget something.

Still sticking with the same basic product lineup, although I found a great set of 3x4 card freebies from Miss Tina, plus some fun photo templates from the Persnickety Prints blog.

Here’s a look at the left side:

I’ve spotted some new products over at Pixels & Company that I’m going to have to try out. I’d also like to get my hands on a couple of the newest PL kits from Becky Higgins — particularly the Honey and Kraft editions. I don’t think they’ve been released digitally yet, so I’ll keep patiently waiting.

Here’s the right side: